From its national headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, Sheaff Brock has provided a range of money management and financial planning services for more than 15 years. Its full suite of strategic investment portfolio options includes growth portfolios (such as IntelliBuild Growth and Bulls of the Dow), income portfolios (such as Preferred Stock Income), and growth-and-income portfolios (such as Dividend Growth/Income and Covered Call Income). Sheaff Brock also offers alternative portfolios that feature a mixture of alternative investment options, including hard assets and foreign currencies/equities.

In order to help clients keep tabs on their investments, the firm allows them to link their Sheaff Brock accounts with private retail accounts on TD Ameritrade. It also gives clients access to a variety of web conferences and educates the general public through its online Knowledge Builder series. Recent episodes of the video series include presentations on preferred stocks, put selling, and covered calls.

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